Post-invasion Iraq

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "Post-invasion Iraq, 2003–present"

This is a topic, with start date May 1, 2003 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are Middle East, War.

Summary of positions for this topic[edit]

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No stated opinion

Coalition troops should pull out


United States should negotiate with Iran

Rethinking Iran by Samantha Power (Time, January 17, 2008) (view)

Iraq should be split up


Iraq Study Group's recommendations should be followed


United States should fight more ruthlessly

Mook's Spooked by Ralph Peters (New York Post, February 15, 2007) (view)

United States should negotiate with Syria


United States should increase troop levels


Iraqi government should crack down on Shiite militias



All items that address this topic (420 total)[edit]

Title Author Source Date
Must Iraq Stay Whole? Ralph Peters The Washington Post 2003-04-20
The Three-State Solution Leslie H. Gelb The New York Times 2003-11-25
Iraq: Three from one doesn't add up Nir Rosen Asia Times Online 2003-11-27
Why we must never abandon this historic struggle in Iraq Tony Blair The Observer 2004-04-11
Anti-war, Pro-democracy The Nation editorial board The Nation 2005-05-12
The ticking clock The Seattle Times editorial board The Seattle Times 2005-07-03
The price of occupation Tariq Ali The Guardian 2005-07-08
Why Iran Wants to Talk The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post 2006-03-18
The fantasy is over, we must partition Iraq and get out now Simon Jenkins The Times 2006-05-21
Staying the wrong course in Iraq Max Boot Los Angeles Times 2006-06-28
Iraq’s salvation lies in letting it break apart Peter Galbraith The Sunday Times (UK) 2006-07-16
Back To Baghdad Ralph Peters New York Post 2006-07-28
Time to Talk Leslie H. Gelb The Wall Street Journal 2006-07-28
Time for Plan B Thomas Friedman The New York Times 2006-08-04
The generals' worry The Boston Globe editorial board The Boston Globe 2006-08-05
Civil War? What Civil War? Richard Cohen The Washington Post 2006-08-08
Telling it right Cal Thomas The Washington Times 2006-08-09
The case for staying on The Economist editorial board The Economist 2006-08-10
Antiwar Wackadoos Are Winning Rosa Brooks Los Angeles Times 2006-08-11
It’s time for Bush and Blair to try plan B – the humility option Simon Jenkins The Times 2006-08-13
Bush's Vietnam? Rich Lowry National Review 2006-08-15
Meanwhile, in Baghdad The New York Times editorial board The New York Times 2006-08-16
When will Bush admit the obvious about Iraq? Steve Chapman Chicago Tribune 2006-08-20
Gone to pieces Peter Galbraith New York Daily News 2006-08-22
Are Bush's critics right? Tony Blankley The Washington Times 2006-08-23
Bush clings to a lost cause in Iraq Joan Vennochi The Boston Globe 2006-08-23
The Battle of Baghdad Zalmay Khalilzad The Wall Street Journal 2006-08-23
A Plan to Hold Iraq Together Joe Biden The Washington Post 2006-08-24
Break Up Iraq to Save It Michael O'Hanlon Los Angeles Times 2006-08-27
Breaking Up (a Country) Is Hard to Do Gary Bass The Washington Post 2006-08-27
Iraq: Still Worth Some Waiting David Ignatius The Washington Post 2006-08-27
What Iraq Needs Samir Sumaidaie New York Post 2006-08-28
Give voters a choice about war Helen Thomas Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2006-09-01
Iraq: A Civil War We Can Still Win Charles Krauthammer The Washington Post 2006-09-08
Support for Bush's war in Iraq is crumbling fast James Klurfeld Newsday 2006-09-08
Switch the fight to Afghanistan John Kerry New Hampshire Union Leader 2006-09-09
Reinforce Baghdad William Kristol Rich Lowry The Washington Post 2006-09-12
Send more troops: Iraq must be secured New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board New Hampshire Union Leader 2006-09-15
The Right Troops in the Right Places Seth Moulton The New York Times 2006-09-15
Are We Winning in Iraq? Mackubin Thomas Owens National Review 2006-09-19
Warm and fuzzy talk is a weak defense against terrorists Cal Thomas The Salt Lake Tribune 2006-09-19
More Troops Frederick W. Kagan William Kristol The Weekly Standard 2006-09-27
Majority of Iraqis Approve of Attacks on US Troops, Why Are We Still There? Arianna Huffington The Huffington Post 2006-09-28
The Grand Delusion David Brooks The New York Times 2006-09-28
Don't back down now Duncan Hunter The Washington Times 2006-10-02
More Troops, Please Pete Hegseth The Wall Street Journal 2006-10-03
Time for Action -- Not Rhetoric -- In Iraq John Murtha The Huffington Post 2006-10-06
One Iraq or three? Chicago Tribune editorial board Chicago Tribune 2006-10-08
Active Appeasement Michael Ledeen National Review 2006-10-09
No More Troops Ralph Peters New York Post 2006-10-10
Breaking Up Ain't Hard to Do Michael Young Reason 2006-10-12
Confessions of a 'Defeatocrat' John Murtha The Washington Post 2006-10-15
Running from Iraq Reuel Marc Gerecht The Weekly Standard 2006-10-16
Iraq Was a Worthy Mistake Jonah Goldberg Los Angeles Times 2006-10-19
Plan B Eliot A. Cohen The Wall Street Journal 2006-10-20
If we had known then... Jeff Jacoby The Boston Globe 2006-10-22
There are 300m Americans, but still not enough to rule the world Niall Ferguson The Daily Telegraph 2006-10-22
Yes, Iraq is deeply troubling, but let's not talk ourselves into defeat... Melanie Phillips Daily Mail 2006-10-23
Time for Bush to talk to Iran and Syria Simon Tisdall The Guardian 2006-10-25
Kill Muqtada Now Ralph Peters New York Post 2006-10-26
The Arithmetic of Failure Paul Krugman The New York Times 2006-10-27
Bush's refusal to see his war isn't working puts American security at risk Russ Feingold Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2006-10-28
Partition Is Not the Solution . . . Rend al-Rahim The Washington Post 2006-10-29
The only solution left for Iraq: a five-way split Gareth Stansfield The Daily Telegraph 2006-10-29
Partitioning Iraq Juan Cole 2006-10-30
Iraq's New Secret Police Ralph Peters New York Post 2006-11-01
Last gasps in Iraq Ralph Peters USA Today 2006-11-02
From Suez to Iraq: how to weaken the will of the West Charles Moore The Daily Telegraph 2006-11-04
No Third Way in Iraq Frederick W. Kagan The Weekly Standard 2006-11-04
Against Half-Measures Rich Lowry National Review 2006-11-07
Support the troops: See the mission through New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board New Hampshire Union Leader 2006-11-07
Abandoning Iraq David Warren Ottawa Citizen 2006-11-08
Many dead ends in Iraq Max Boot Los Angeles Times 2006-11-08
Tolerable or Awful: The Roads Left in Iraq Thomas Friedman The New York Times 2006-11-08
Time to talk to the bad guys Anatol Lieven International Herald Tribune 2006-11-09
America and Britain should quit Iraq as soon as possible Norman Lamont The Daily Telegraph 2006-11-10
Bush must call for reinforcements in Iraq Robert Kagan William Kristol Financial Times 2006-11-12
Iraq: A Mess, But So What? Adam Brodsky New York Post 2006-11-12
U.S. must prove it's a staying power Mark Steyn Chicago Sun-Times 2006-11-12
Bush's Iraq Legacy Robert Kagan William Kristol The Weekly Standard 2006-11-13
Doubling Down in Iraq William J. Stuntz The Weekly Standard 2006-11-13
Arabian Nightmares Ralph Peters New York Post 2006-11-15
Dems jump gun on Iraq Michael Goodwin New York Daily News 2006-11-15
Iraq Mona Charen National Review 2006-11-17
Latest disastrous plan: More GIs to Iraq Andrew Greeley Chicago Sun-Times 2006-11-17
The Fighting Over the Fighting Victor Davis Hanson National Review 2006-11-17
Cut and Lose New York Post editorial board New York Post 2006-11-19
Direction? Out Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial board Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2006-11-19
Quitting a worthy fight would be a great mistake Jules Crittenden Boston Herald 2006-11-19
Time for a Heavier Footprint Frederick W. Kagan William Kristol The Weekly Standard 2006-11-20
To the Brink Peter Beinart The New Republic 2006-11-20
Next move in Iraq? Wesley Clark USA Today 2006-11-21
The Only Real Option: Leave Iraq Now Eugene Robinson The Washington Post 2006-11-21
U.S. should lead Iraq summit Los Angeles Times editorial board Los Angeles Times 2006-11-21
War Has No 'Elegant Solutions' Amir Taheri New York Post 2006-11-21
Dealing From Weakness New York Post editorial board New York Post 2006-11-22
Making the last mistake in Iraq Tony Blankley The Washington Times 2006-11-22
Surrender as 'Realism' Robert Kagan William Kristol The Weekly Standard 2006-11-22
What kind of rogue-state dialogue? The Washington Times editorial board The Washington Times 2006-11-22
So how does 'engaging with Syria' look now? Michael Young The Times 2006-11-23