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This is a magazine.

Circulation: 55,000

Country of origin: United States

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this magazine:

Title Author Date Topic
If You Can't Go to Cedars-Sinai Anymore, Is It Obamacare's Fault? Jonathan Cohn 2014-01-06 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Israel's Freakout, Explained Yossi Klein Halevi 2013-11-26 Geneva interim agreement on Iranian nuclear program
It's Time to Intervene in Syria John Judis 2013-04-30 Syrian civil war
One Simple Argument Could Have Saved Obamacare. Too Bad Verrilli Didn’t Make It. Jeffrey Rosen 2012-03-30 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
We Intervene Leon Wieseltier 2011-03-21 2011 Libyan uprising
The Case Against Our Attack on Libya Michael Walzer 2011-03-21 2011 Libyan uprising
Obama's Moment of Truth Larry Diamond 2011-03-15 2011 Libyan uprising
Darkness Falls Leon Wieseltier 2011-03-11 2011 Libyan uprising
Tax the Rich! John Judis 2009-07-21 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
In Defense of Waste Jonathan Chait 2009-02-12 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Hamas is a Taliban State Martin Peretz 2008-12-31 Gaza War
Panic in Detroit Jonathan Cohn 2008-11-14 Economic crisis of 2008
Crush the Sunnis James Kurth 2006-11-25 Post-invasion Iraq
To the Brink Peter Beinart 2006-11-20 Post-invasion Iraq
Compromised The New Republic editorial board 2006-09-21 Military Commissions Act of 2006
The United Nations and Darfur The New Republic editorial board 2006-09-01 Darfur conflict
The Abolition of Torture Andrew Sullivan 2005-12-07 McCain Detainee Amendment