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This is a magazine.

Circulation: 180,000

Country of origin: United States

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this magazine:

Title Author Date Topic
How the Supreme Court Blowtorched Democracy and What You Can Do About It The Nation editorial board 2014-04-08 McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission
How to Avert a New Cold War Over Crimea The Nation editorial board 2014-03-20 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine
Re-Elect the President The Nation editorial board 2012-10-03 United States presidential election, 2012
Obamacare: Not Dead Yet David Cole 2012-03-28 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
The Libya Intervention The Nation editorial board 2011-03-24 2011 Libyan uprising
Free Gaza The Nation editorial board 2010-06-03 Gaza flotilla raid
As Rumors Fly, a Call for a United Front on Healthcare in the House Raul Grijalva 2009-10-23 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Obama Fiddles While Gaza Burns Robert Dreyfuss 2008-12-29 Gaza War
How to Get Out of Iraq Juan Cole 2007-04-09 Post-invasion Iraq
Conscience and the War Stephen F. Cohen 2007-03-08 Post-invasion Iraq
Lawless 'Compromises' The Nation editorial board 2006-09-15 Military Commissions Act of 2006
Neocon Dreams, American Nightmares Eric Alterman 2006-08-10 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
Attack Iran, Ignore the Constitution Jeremy Brecher Brendan Smith 2006-04-21 Iranian nuclear crisis
Employee Free Choice George Miller 2006-01-19 Employee Free Choice Act
Anti-war, Pro-democracy The Nation editorial board 2005-05-12 Post-invasion Iraq