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This is a source.

Publication type: Newspaper

Circulation: 900,000

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this source:

Title Author Date Topic
Alone, Scotland will go back to being a failed state Niall Ferguson 2014-09-17 Scottish independence referendum, 2014
Do the Scots really want to stop running Britain? William Dalrymple 2014-09-13 Scottish independence referendum, 2014
Ukraine crisis: we have to stand up to Russia – it’s a rogue state Con Coughlin 2014-03-17 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine
We’ve left it too late to save Syria – this conflict can never be won Boris Johnson 2013-06-17 Syrian civil war
David Cameron knows what to do about Libya, but does Barack Obama? Matthew d'Ancona 2011-03-12 2011 Libyan uprising
Barack Obama may rue the day he decided to abandon Mubarak Con Coughlin 2011-02-03 2011 Egyptian protests
Hamas rockets block the birth of a Palestinian state Malcolm Rifkind 2009-01-03 Gaza War
The assault on Gaza offers the best hope of peace Con Coughlin 2009-01-02 Gaza War
Hamas is the obstacle to Middle East peace Ron Prosor 2008-12-31 Gaza War
Conservatives should welcome John McCain Tim Montgomerie 2008-10-22 United States presidential election, 2008
Barack Obama: Why I believe he should be the next President Boris Johnson 2008-10-21 United States presidential election, 2008
Troop cuts will jeopardise Basra's progress Con Coughlin 2007-10-09 Post-invasion Iraq
Natural justice needed - not 'human rights' The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2007-08-22 Human Rights Act 1998
War with Iran is in no one's interests Anne Applebaum 2007-02-14 Iranian nuclear crisis
50,000 more US troops can save Iraq John Keegan 2007-01-03 Post-invasion Iraq
Another way to interpret this report is 'Stay but don't screw up' Niall Ferguson 2006-12-10 Post-invasion Iraq
Good for crooks, bad for human rights Daniel Hannan 2006-11-16 Human Rights Act 1998
America and Britain should quit Iraq as soon as possible Norman Lamont 2006-11-10 Post-invasion Iraq
A hangman's noose is all Saddam deserves The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2006-11-06 Trial of Saddam Hussein
It is time to protect the public's human rights The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2006-11-05 Human Rights Act 1998
From Suez to Iraq: how to weaken the will of the West Charles Moore 2006-11-04 Post-invasion Iraq
The only solution left for Iraq: a five-way split Gareth Stansfield 2006-10-29 Post-invasion Iraq
There are 300m Americans, but still not enough to rule the world Niall Ferguson 2006-10-22 Post-invasion Iraq
Britain's obligation to blockade North Korea The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2006-10-16 North Korean nuclear crisis
Give Iran the bomb: it might make the regime more pliable Boris Johnson 2006-10-12 Iranian nuclear crisis
China must rein in North Korea The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2006-10-10 North Korean nuclear crisis
Don't flout Geneva – or the tables could easily be turned Niall Ferguson 2006-10-01 Military Commissions Act of 2006
Thailand's king reverts to the bad old days The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2006-09-21 2006 Thailand coup d'état
Darfur's agony heightens The Daily Telegraph editorial board 2006-09-02 Darfur conflict
If torture could stop a terrorist atrocity and save thousands of lives, would it really be so wrong? Alasdair Palmer 2006-08-20 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot