Trial of Saddam Hussein

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This is a topic, with start date October 19, 2005 and end date November 5, 2006.

Its theme(s) are Middle East.

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Trial was fair

Bearing Witness by John Byrnes (New York Post, December 30, 2006) (view)

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Title Author Source Date
The Monkey Trial of Saddam Hussein Joan Z. Shore The Huffington Post 2006-11-05
A hangman's noose is all Saddam deserves The Daily Telegraph editorial board The Daily Telegraph 2006-11-06
The Saddam Hussein Verdict The New York Times editorial board The New York Times 2006-11-06
This verdict is Iraq's business William Rees-Mogg The Times 2006-11-06
Uncertain justice The Guardian editorial board The Guardian 2006-11-06
Verdict for Saddam Hussein The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post 2006-11-06
A Dictator Brought to Account Hassan Mneimneh New York Post 2006-11-07
Imperfect, But Fair Enough Alan Dershowitz The Wall Street Journal 2006-11-07
Justice for Saddam New York Post editorial board New York Post 2006-11-07
Justice in Iraq Anne Applebaum The Washington Post 2006-11-07
Saddam's fate The Washington Times editorial board The Washington Times 2006-11-07
Not Nuremberg, but not bad Suzanne Fields The Washington Times 2006-11-09
A Death Sentence Affirmed The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post 2006-12-29
The Rush to Hang Saddam Hussein The New York Times editorial board The New York Times 2006-12-29
Bearing Witness John Byrnes New York Post 2006-12-30
Justice Served New York Post editorial board New York Post 2006-12-30
No mercy for Hussein Chicago Tribune editorial board Chicago Tribune 2006-12-30
Keeping faith with a bloody tradition Christopher Hitchens Los Angeles Times 2006-12-31
Victor's justice The Independent editorial board The Independent 2006-12-31
Bush's Nation Busting Fareed Zakaria The Washington Post 2007-01-01
Justice for a Tyrant The Wall Street Journal editorial board The Wall Street Journal 2007-01-02
Mourning Saddam Hussein Investor's Business Daily editorial board Investor's Business Daily 2007-01-02
Hussein -- terrorist or terrorized? Robert Scheer San Francisco Chronicle 2007-01-03
Saddam-less Helle Dale The Washington Times 2007-01-03
Hanging Hysteria Kirsten Powers New York Post 2007-01-07