United States presidential election, 2012

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This is a topic, with start date November 6, 2012 and end date November 6, 2012.

Its theme(s) are United States domestic politics.

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Obama should be elected


Romney should be elected



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Title Author Source Date
The Times recommends Barack Obama for president, again The Seattle Times editorial board The Seattle Times September 28, 2012
Dallas Morning News endorses Mitt Romney for president The Dallas Morning News editorial board The Dallas Morning News September 29, 2012
Re-Elect the President The Nation editorial board The Nation October 3, 2012
For president: Mitt Romney Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board Las Vegas Review-Journal October 7, 2012
Obama for president: A second term for a serious man St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board St. Louis Post-Dispatch October 7, 2012
Barack Obama for president (Sacramento Bee) The Sacramento Bee editorial board The Sacramento Bee October 14, 2012
Obama will do a better job The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board The Philadelphia Inquirer October 15, 2012
Time for another change The Tennessean editorial board The Tennessean October 17, 2012
Ken Burns: Why I am voting for Barack Obama Ken Burns New Hampshire Union Leader October 18, 2012
Our pick for president: Romney Orlando Sentinel editorial board Orlando Sentinel October 19, 2012
Barack Obama for president (Denver Post) The Denver Post editorial board The Denver Post October 19, 2012
Too Many Mitts: Obama has earned another term The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board The Salt Lake Tribune October 19, 2012
On the basis of sound leadership, re-elect Obama The Plain Dealer editorial board The Plain Dealer October 20, 2012
Nevada needs a change now; elect Mitt Romney president Reno Gazette-Journal editorial board Reno Gazette-Journal October 20, 2012
Mitt Romney: new leadership for more economic growth Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial board Fort Worth Star-Telegram October 20, 2012
Mitt Romney for president Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board Pittsburgh Tribune-Review October 20, 2012
Obama for president (Akron Beacon Journal) Akron Beacon Journal editorial board Akron Beacon Journal October 20, 2012
Why Mitt? Reality over fantasy New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board New Hampshire Union Leader October 21, 2012
Obama for president Tampa Bay Times editorial board Tampa Bay Times October 21, 2012
Romney has real-world experience to lead nation out of economic malaise The Columbus Dispatch editorial board The Columbus Dispatch October 21, 2012
Obama for president (Los Angeles Tiimes) Los Angeles Times editorial board Los Angeles Times October 21, 2012
Romney for president Houston Chronicle editorial board Houston Chronicle October 21, 2012
Obama has earned a second term San Antonio Express-News editorial board San Antonio Express-News October 21, 2012
At a crucial time, uninspiring choices for president The Charlotte Observer editorial board The Charlotte Observer October 21, 2012
Barack Obama: The Star-Ledger editorial board's pick for president The Star-Ledger editorial board The Star-Ledger October 21, 2012
Mitt Romney for president (The Tampa Tribune) The Tampa Tribune editorial board The Tampa Tribune October 21, 2012
Obama's agenda gives steady hand to economic growth Arizona Daily Star editorial board Arizona Daily Star October 21, 2012
Romney can lead economy forward The Arizona Republic editorial board The Arizona Republic October 21, 2012
Romney’s the one Boston Herald editorial board Boston Herald October 23, 2012
With sobered expectations, Obama for president The News Tribune editorial board The News Tribune October 24, 2012
Mitt Romney's experience and leadership can rebuild America's economy Dave Murray The Grand Rapids Press editorial board The Grand Rapids Press October 24, 2012
For America's future, The Post endorses Mitt Romney for president New York Post editorial board New York Post October 25, 2012
Four more years for President Obama The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post October 25, 2012
Sun Sentinel endorses Mitt Romney for president Sun-Suntinel editorial board Sun-Sentinel October 26, 2012
Re-elect Obama San Francisco Chronicle editorial board San Francisco Chronicle October 26, 2012
Mitt Romney for president (Los Angeles Daily News) Los Angeles News Group Los Angeles Daily News October 26, 2012
Barack Obama for Re-Election The New York Times editorial board The New York Times October 27, 2012
Tribune endorses Obama: Our children's America Chicago Tribune editorial board Chicago Tribune October 27, 2012
Reelect President Obama Star Tribune editorial board Star Tribune October 27, 2012
Keep President Obama in the White House The Kansas City Star editorial board The Kansas City Star October 27, 2012
Obama for president (The Miami Herald) The Miami Herald editorial board The Miami Herald October 27, 2012
Obama Deserves A Second Term The Hartford Courant editorial board The Hartford Courant October 27, 2012
Romney's turnaround skills are right for America The Florida Times-Union editorial board The Florida Times-Union October 27, 2012
Prudent Change: Romney promises hope for recovery Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board Richmond Times-Dispatch October 28, 2012
Four more years for Obama Asbury Park Press editorial board Asbury Park Press October 28, 2012
Despite shortcomings, Obama is the better choice The Buffalo News editorial board The Buffalo News October 28, 2012
Enquirer presidential endorsement: Mitt Romney The Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board The Cincinnati Enquirer October 28, 2012
Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision The Des Moines Register editorial board The Des Moines Register October 28, 2012
Re-elect President Obama San Jose Mercury News editorial board San Jose Mercury News October 28, 2012
Top reasons to re-elect Obama Detroit Free Press editorial board Detroit Free Press October 28, 2012
Re-elect Obama: The made-over Mitt Romney is no alternative Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 28, 2012
Mitt Romney is the best choice for America The Oklahoman editorial board The Oklahoman October 28, 2012
Re-elect President Obama (Toledo Blade) Toledo Blade editorial board Toledo Blade October 28, 2012
1 for president The Press-Enterprise editorial board The Press-Enterprise October 28, 2012
Obama, again The News & Observer editorial board The News & Observer October 28, 2012
Why Obama should be re-elected The Providence Journal editorial board The Providence Journal October 28, 2012
The case for Mitt Romney for president Daily Herald editorial board Daily Herald October 28, 2012
Re-elect President Obama (Lexington Herald-Leader) Lexington Herald-Leader editorial board Lexington Herald-Leader October 28, 2012
Romney — an Independent choice for president David M. Walker The Washington Times October 28, 2012
Barack Obama deserves another term The Boston Globe editorial board The Boston Globe October 29, 2012
Obama has worked for all Americans Jesse Jackson Chicago Sun-Times October 30, 2012
In a disappointing race, Obama gets the edge The Fresno Bee editorial board The Fresno Bee October 31, 2012
Vote for Romney The Washington Times editorial board The Washington Times October 31, 2012
Which one? The Economist editorial board The Economist November 1, 2012
A Vote for a President to Lead on Climate Change Michael R. Bloomberg Bloomberg View November 1, 2012
Six Enormous Stakes In Presidential Election Investor's Business Daily editorial board Investor's Business Daily November 1, 2012
An uninspiring incumbent and a shape-shifting challenger leave us in the minority: undecided The Post-Standard editorial board The Post-Standard November 2, 2012
Mitt Romney: A New Direction For America Mitt Romney The Wall Street Journal November 2, 2012
Elect Mitt Romney president of the United States Newsday editorial board Newsday November 2, 2012
Obama for president (The Baltimore Sun) The Baltimore Sun editorial board The Baltimore Sun November 2, 2012
Real Progress, But We're Not Done Barack Obama The Wall Street Journal November 3, 2012
Bring in the turnaround expert: The case for Romney The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board The San Diego Union-Tribune November 3, 2012
Our choice for America’s future: The Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for president New York Daily News editorial board New York Daily News November 4, 2012
Obama for president, with reservations Democrat and Chronicle editorial board Democrat and Chronicle November 4, 2012
Our pick: Mitt Romney Madison State Journal editorial board Madison State Journal November 4, 2012
Obama for 2012 The Record editorial board The Record November 4, 2012
Barack Obama for president of the United States The Courier-Journal editorial board The Courier-Journal November 4, 2012
For Romney Tulsa World editorial board Tulsa World November 4, 2012
Elect Mitt Romney president The Post and Courier editorial board The Post and Courier November 4, 2012
Mitt Romney Is Best To Fix U.S. Direction Albuquerque Journal editorial board Albuquerque Journal November 4, 2012
Run the nation like Massachusetts The Times of Northwest Indiana editorial board The Times of Northwest Indiana November 4, 2012
A Romney court would set back the clock Tampa Bay Times editorial board Tampa Bay Times November 5, 2012
Re-elect and we'll see how much worse it can be Glenn Reynolds USA Today November 5, 2012