Protect America Act of 2007

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This is a topic, with start date August 5, 2007 and end date February 17, 2008.

Its theme(s) are Terrorism.

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'Any delay can be harmful' by Chicago Tribune editorial board (Chicago Tribune, March 25, 2008) (view) for
Rules for Spying by The Washington Post editorial board (The Washington Post, March 16, 2008) (view) for
The "Don't Protect America" Democrats by Matthew Continetti (The Weekly Standard, March 11, 2008) (view) for
House needs to follow Reyes' lead on FISA fix by San Antonio Express-News editorial board (San Antonio Express-News, March 6, 2008) (view) for
Bugging our Enemies by Clifford May (National Review, February 28, 2008) (view) for
Hard of Hearing by Kit Bond, Pete Hoekstra, Lamar Smith (The Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2008) (view) for
Dems' Dereliction by Adam Putman (New York Post, February 25, 2008) (view) for
House Inaction Left America Open To Attack by Mitch McConnell (Investor's Business Daily, February 25, 2008) (view) for
Pelosi vs. America by New York Post editorial board (New York Post, February 24, 2008) (view) for
Hear No Evil by Matthew Continetti (The Weekly Standard, February 23, 2008) (view) for
Pelosi's Wiretap Offensive by The Wall Street Journal editorial board (The Wall Street Journal, February 19, 2008) (view) for
Profiles in No Courage by Andrew C. McCarthy (Human Events, February 15, 2008) (view) for
FISA Reform: The Bad Bill that Beats No Bill by Andrew C. McCarthy (National Review, February 14, 2008) (view) for
Senate FISA update should move forward by San Antonio Express-News editorial board (San Antonio Express-News, February 13, 2008) (view) for
Listening to the Enemy by Roger Pilon (The Wall Street Journal, January 28, 2008) (view) for
Wiretapping's true danger by Julian Sanchez (Los Angeles Times, March 16, 2008) (view) against
The invasion of America by Andrew Napolitano (Los Angeles Times, February 18, 2008) (view) against
Because They Said So by The New York Times editorial board (The New York Times, February 10, 2008) (view) against
The Surveillance Scam by Timothy B. Lee (Reason, February 7, 2008) (view) against
It's Not Just About Immunity by Russ Feingold (Daily Kos, January 17, 2008) (view) against

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