Maryland United States Senate election, 2006 / Cardin should be elected

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Position: Cardin should be elected

This position addresses the topic Maryland United States Senate election, 2006.

For this position

Quotes-start.png "One candidate in Maryland's U.S. Senate race, Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin , would be a natural leader in the Senate by dint of his command of issues, proven integrity, formidable intellect and unstinting work ethic. The other candidate, Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, deploys platitudes and gauzy rhetoric to disguise a tissue-thin grasp of policy." Quotes-end.png
From Maryland's Senate Race, by The Washington Post editorial board (The Washington Post, October 20, 2006) (view)
Quotes-start.png "Despite his efforts to construct an image as an independent-minded newcomer, there is nothing in Mr. Steele's past -- no achievement, no record, no evidence and certainly no command of the issues -- to support it." Quotes-end.png
From Mr. Steele's Politics as Usual, by The Washington Post editorial board (The Washington Post, November 4, 2006) (view)

Against this position

Quotes-start.png "Looking at Mr. Cardin's record the one thing that can be said is that he is consistent -- consistently liberal. No one doubts Mr. Cardin's experience in legislative affairs -- he's been at it his entire adult life. But one wonders if this seasoned politician has learned lessons as simple as, say, reducing taxes helps the economy. After 20 years, it appears he hasn't." Quotes-end.png
From Who is Ben Cardin?, by The Washington Times editorial board (The Washington Times, October 4, 2006) (view)

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