Do the Scots really want to stop running Britain?

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Author(s) William Dalrymple
Source The Daily Telegraph
Date September 13, 2014
Quotes-start.png In business, in media, in government service, and in the Army, Scots still prosper as part of a United Kingdom, with opportunities and skies far wider than those that will come from a fragmented patchwork of cold, damp and powerless nation-statelets. Where Brown, Blair and Cameron all have Scots blood and Scots names, another generation of Scots waits to take over the reins of power. While even the distant prospect of, say, Michael Gove as prime minister may not fill many Scots (myself among them) with delight, his career to date from an adopted working-class child from Aberdeen through Oxford to the top of the Cabinet is evidence of the sort of opportunities the Union affords ambitious Scots. Quotes-end.png

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This item argues against the position Referendum should pass on the topic Scottish independence referendum, 2014.