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You can read what Discourse DB is about, but what doesn't belong here? Here are are some examples of what Discourse DB is not.

  • Discourse DB is not a record of personal opinions. The only opinions included here are those that have been published in notable, popular sources. If you want to express your own opinion, feel free to start a blog, write comments on others' blogs, or become a professional commentator.
  • Discourse DB is not a database of non-political opinions. Movie reviews, book reviews, opinions on sports, etc. have their own place, and do not belong here.
  • Discourse DB is not a record of non-journalistic opinions. World leaders, celebrities and even journalists often express views at press conferences, interviews etc. These are not journalistic opinions, and they don't belong in Discourse DB. To be included, an opinion must have been stated in what is clearly a piece of commentary/opinion within a publication like a newspaper, magazine or political blog. A statement by a politician or celebrity is fine if it's submitted as a guest column in a newspaper or a post in a popular blog, but not if it's made in a speech or at a press conference.