2006 transatlantic aircraft plot

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This is a topic, with start date August 10, 2006 and end date August 10, 2006.

Its theme(s) are Terrorism.

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No stated opinion

United States should impose racial profiling at airports


United States should ban carry-on liquids


United States should begin data mining


Great Britain should impose racial profiling at airports

Wishing away reality by Irfan Husain (Dawn, August 19, 2006) (view)

Plot did not represent a real threat


Great Britain should torture terror suspects for information


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Title Author Source Date
The Only Option Is to Win Newt Gingrich The Washington Post August 11, 2006
Terrorism Causes Occupation, Not Vice Versa Alan Dershowitz The Huffington Post August 11, 2006
Go Ahead, Search Granny Debra Saunders San Francisco Chronicle August 18, 2006
Bush's Weapon of Mass Deception Larry C. Johnson The Huffington Post August 18, 2006
Anti-Terror Weapons We're Afraid To Use John Yoo Los Angeles Times August 19, 2006
Profile in Sanity Bill O'Reilly Human Events August 19, 2006
Wishing away reality Irfan Husain Dawn August 19, 2006
The 'Profiling' Debate The Wall Street Journal editorial board The Wall Street Journal August 19, 2006
Terrorists win! Ann Coulter Pittsburgh Tribune-Review August 20, 2006
If torture could stop a terrorist atrocity and save thousands of lives, would it really be so wrong? Alasdair Palmer The Daily Telegraph August 20, 2006
Refocusing airport security Robert Poole The Washington Times August 20, 2006
What Israeli security could teach us Jeff Jacoby The Boston Globe August 23, 2006
A Tool We Need to Stop the Next Airliner Plot Michael Chertoff The Washington Post August 29, 2006
High Profile Jonathan Last The Weekly Standard September 1, 2006
A Ban on Carry-On Luggage The New York Times editorial board The New York Times September 10, 2006
A Retreat on Carry-On Liquids The New York Times editorial board The New York Times September 10, 2006
Profiles in Correctness Philip Terzian The Weekly Standard September 18, 2006