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Page First name Last name Political affiliation
E. J. Dionne Eugene J. Dionne
Elie Wiesel Elie Wiesel
Eliot A. Cohen Eliot Cohen
Elizabeth Dole Elizabeth Dole
Elizabeth Ridlington Ridlington Elizabeth unknown
Ellen Goodman Ellen Goodman
Ellis Weiner Ellis Wiener
Emily Bazelon Emily Bazelon
Emmett Tyrrell Emmett Tyrrell
Eric Alterman Eric Alterman Liberal
Errol Louis Errol Louis
Erwin Chemerinsky Erwin Chemerinsky
Eugene Robinson Eugene Robinson liberal
Fareed Zakaria Fareed Zakaria
Financial Times editorial board
Flynt Leverett Flynt Leverett
Fouad Ajami Fouad Ajami Conservative
Frank Gaffney Frank Gaffney Neo-Conservative
Frank Rich Frank Rich
Fred Barnes Fred Barnes Conservative
Fred Kaplan Fred Kaplan
Frederick W. Kagan Frederick Kagan Conservative
Froma Harrop Froma Harrop
Garrison Keillor Garrison Keillor
Gary Bass Gary Bass
Gary Becker Gary Becker
Geoffrey R. Stone Geoffrey Stone
George McGovern George McGovern
George Miller George Miller
George Soros George Soros
George Voinovich George Voinovich
Glenn Greenwald Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Reynolds Glenn Reynolds
Greg Sheridan Greg
Haaretz editorial board
Hans Blix Hans Blix
Harold Meyerson Harold Meyerson
Harry Reid Harry Reid
Helen Thomas Helen Thomas Liberal
Henry Hyde Henry Hyde
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Liberal
Hoshyar Zebari Hoshyar Zebari
Human Events editorial board Conservative
Investor's Business Daily editorial board Conservative
Irfan Husain Irfan Husain
Irwin Stelzer Irwin Stelzer
Jack Keane Jack Keane
Jack Kelly Jack Kelly
Jackie Ashley Jackie Ashley left-wing
Jacob Sullum Jacob Sullum
Jacob Weisberg Jacob Weisberg
Jacqueline Shire Jacqueline Shire
James Baker James Baker
James Carroll James Carroll
James Kurth James Kurth Conservative
James Pinkerton James Pinkerton conservative
James Taranto James Taranto Conservative
Jane Harman Jane Harman
Janet Napolitano Janet Napolitano
Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby
Jesse Walker Jesse Walker
Jesselyn Radack Jesselyn Radack
Jim DeMint Jim DeMint conservative
Jim Hoagland Jim Hoagland
Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter Liberal
Joan Vennochi Joan Vennochi
Jody Williams Jody Williams
Joe Baca Joe Baca
Joe Biden Joe Biden
Joe Conason Joe Conason Liberal
Joe Lieberman Joe Lieberman
Johann Hari Johann Hari Civil libertarian
John Batiste John Batiste
John Berlau John Berlau
John Bolton John Bolton
John C. Bersia John Bersia
John Deutch John Deutch
John Engler John Engler
John Hinderaker John Hinderaker
John Kay
John Keegan John Keegan
John Kerry John Kerry
John McCain John McCain Conservative
John Murtha John Murtha Liberal
John O'Sullivan John O'Sullivan Conservative
John Podesta John Podesta
John Podhoretz John Podhoretz Neoconservative
John R. Miller John Miller
John Sweeney John Sweeney
John Tierney John Tierney
John Warner John Warner
John Yoo John Yoo
Jon Soltz Jon Soltz
Jonah Goldberg Jonah Goldberg Conservative
Jonathan Alter Jonathan Alter
Jonathan Chait Jonathan Chait Liberal
Jonathan Freedland Jonathan Freedland
Jonathan Rauch Jonathan Rauch
Jonathan Steele Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Tasini Jonathan Tasini Liberal

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