Scottish independence referendum, 2014

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "Scottish independence referendum, 2014"

This is a topic, with start date March 21, 2013 and end date September 18, 2014.

Its theme(s) are United Kingdom domestic politics.

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Referendum should pass


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Title Author Source Date
Scotland’s decision: The Scotsman’s verdict The Scotsman editorial board The Scotsman September 12, 2014
Do the Scots really want to stop running Britain? William Dalrymple The Daily Telegraph September 13, 2014
Clear message in the Queen's simple words Daily Mail editorial board Daily Mail September 15, 2014
A chance to end artificial alliance Hugh Reilly The Scotsman September 16, 2014
Alone, Scotland will go back to being a failed state Niall Ferguson The Daily Telegraph September 17, 2014
Bigger together - both Britain and Scotland would be diminished by Yes vote The Independent editorial board The Independent September 17, 2014
Scotland can be changed for better with a No vote The Scotsman editorial board The Scotsman September 18, 2014