P-I endorsement: Elect Obama

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This is an opinion item.

Author(s) Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial board
Source Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Date October 6, 2008
URL http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/382005_obamaed.html
Quotes-start.png "The issues and the superiority of the Obama-Joe Biden team have become clearer than ever in the past few days. Obama spoke the unvarnished truth when he called the need for a record-breaking economic rescue plan a "final judgment." It was a sweeping verdict not just on the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush but also on the Republican deregulatory obsessions that Sen. John McCain has shared broadly." Quotes-end.png

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This item argues for the position Obama should be elected on the topic United States presidential election, 2008.