United States presidential election, 2016

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This is a topic, with start date November 8, 2016 and end date November 8, 2016.

Its theme(s) are United States domestic politics.

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Hillary Clinton should be elected


Gary Johnson should be elected


Donald Trump should be elected


All items that address this topic (23 total)[edit]

Title Author Source Date
These are unsettling times that require a steady hand: That's Hillary Clinton Houston Chronicle editorial board Houston Chronicle 2016-07-29
We recommend Hillary Clinton for president The Dallas Morning News editorial board The Dallas Morning News 2016-09-07
Hillary Clinton would make a sober, smart and pragmatic president. Donald Trump would be a catastrophe. Los Angeles Times editorial board Los Angeles Times 2016-09-23
It has to be Hillary Clinton The Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board The Cincinnati Enquirer 2016-09-23
Hillary Clinton for President The New York Times editorial board The New York Times 2016-09-24
Clinton for president The Baltimore Sun editorial board The Baltimore Sun 2016-09-29
A principled option for U.S. president: Endorsing Gary Johnson, Libertarian Chicago Tribune editorial board Chicago Tribune 2016-09-30
The many reasons to support Clinton, not just stop Trump The Sacramento Bee editorial board The Sacramento Bee 2016-09-30
Trump is 'unfit for the presidency' USA Today editorial board USA Today 2016-09-30
Vote for Clinton and avert a train wreck Chicago Sun-Times editorial board Chicago Sun-Times 2016-09-30
Times recommends: Hillary Clinton for president Tampa Bay Times editorial board Tampa Bay Times 2016-10-06
It’s an easy call: Hillary Clinton for president The Denver Post editorial board The Denver Post 2016-10-07
The Times recommends: Hillary Clinton, the only choice for president The Seattle Times editorial board The Seattle Times 2016-10-07
Hillary Clinton for president (Boston Globe) The Boston Globe editorial board The Boston Globe 2016-10-08
Trump unfit, Clinton is qualified The Columbus Dispatch editorial board The Columbus Dispatch 2016-10-09
Using LeBron James as endorsement vehicle for Hillary Clinton a perfect fit for an awkward election The Plain Dealer editorial board The Plain Dealer 2016-10-09
Hillary Clinton for president (The Washington Post) The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post 2016-10-13
Hillary Clinton for president: Orlando Sentinel endorsement 2016 Orlando Sentinel editorial board Orlando Sentinel 2016-10-14
Clinton the cleanest choice The Courier-Journal editorial board The Courier-Journal 2016-10-16
Hillary Clinton is the only choice to move America ahead The Arizona Republic editorial board The Arizona Republic 2016-10-17
Clinton easily the best candidate for president The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board The Philadelphia Inquirer 2016-10-21
Hillary Clinton should be our next president Newsday editorial board Newsday 2016-10-21
In battle for America’s soul, Hillary Clinton is our pick San Jose Mercury News editorial board San Jose Mercury News 2016-10-21