United States presidential election, 2012

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This is a topic, with start date November 6, 2012 and end date November 6, 2012.

Its theme(s) are United States domestic politics.

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Obama should be elected


Romney should be elected



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Title Author Source Date
The Times recommends Barack Obama for president, again The Seattle Times editorial board The Seattle Times 2012-09-28
Dallas Morning News endorses Mitt Romney for president The Dallas Morning News editorial board The Dallas Morning News 2012-09-29
Re-Elect the President The Nation editorial board The Nation 2012-10-03
For president: Mitt Romney Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board Las Vegas Review-Journal 2012-10-07
Obama for president: A second term for a serious man St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2012-10-07
Barack Obama for president (Sacramento Bee) The Sacramento Bee editorial board The Sacramento Bee 2012-10-14
Obama will do a better job The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board The Philadelphia Inquirer 2012-10-15
Time for another change The Tennessean editorial board The Tennessean 2012-10-17
Ken Burns: Why I am voting for Barack Obama Ken Burns New Hampshire Union Leader 2012-10-18
Barack Obama for president (Denver Post) The Denver Post editorial board The Denver Post 2012-10-19
Our pick for president: Romney Orlando Sentinel editorial board Orlando Sentinel 2012-10-19
Too Many Mitts: Obama has earned another term The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board The Salt Lake Tribune 2012-10-19
Mitt Romney: new leadership for more economic growth Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial board Fort Worth Star-Telegram 2012-10-20
Nevada needs a change now; elect Mitt Romney president Reno Gazette-Journal editorial board Reno Gazette-Journal 2012-10-20
Obama for president (Akron Beacon Journal) Akron Beacon Journal editorial board Akron Beacon Journal 2012-10-20
On the basis of sound leadership, re-elect Obama The Plain Dealer editorial board The Plain Dealer 2012-10-20
At a crucial time, uninspiring choices for president The Charlotte Observer editorial board The Charlotte Observer 2012-10-21
Barack Obama: The Star-Ledger editorial board's pick for president The Star-Ledger editorial board The Star-Ledger 2012-10-21
Mitt Romney for president (The Tampa Tribune) The Tampa Tribune editorial board The Tampa Tribune 2012-10-21
Obama for president Tampa Bay Times editorial board Tampa Bay Times 2012-10-21
Obama for president (Los Angeles Tiimes) Los Angeles Times editorial board Los Angeles Times 2012-10-21
Obama has earned a second term San Antonio Express-News editorial board San Antonio Express-News 2012-10-21
Obama's agenda gives steady hand to economic growth Arizona Daily Star editorial board Arizona Daily Star 2012-10-21
Romney can lead economy forward The Arizona Republic editorial board The Arizona Republic 2012-10-21
Romney for president Houston Chronicle editorial board Houston Chronicle 2012-10-21
Romney has real-world experience to lead nation out of economic malaise The Columbus Dispatch editorial board The Columbus Dispatch 2012-10-21
Why Mitt? Reality over fantasy New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board New Hampshire Union Leader 2012-10-21
Romney’s the one Boston Herald editorial board Boston Herald 2012-10-23
Mitt Romney's experience and leadership can rebuild America's economy Dave Murray The Grand Rapids Press editorial board The Grand Rapids Press 2012-10-24
With sobered expectations, Obama for president The News Tribune editorial board The News Tribune 2012-10-24
For America's future, The Post endorses Mitt Romney for president New York Post editorial board New York Post 2012-10-25
Four more years for President Obama The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post 2012-10-25
Mitt Romney for President The Detroit News editorial board The Detroit News 2012-10-25
Mitt Romney for president (Los Angeles Daily News) Los Angeles News Group Los Angeles Daily News 2012-10-26
Re-elect Obama San Francisco Chronicle editorial board San Francisco Chronicle 2012-10-26
Sun Sentinel endorses Mitt Romney for president Sun-Suntinel editorial board Sun-Sentinel 2012-10-26
Barack Obama for Re-Election The New York Times editorial board The New York Times 2012-10-27
Keep President Obama in the White House The Kansas City Star editorial board The Kansas City Star 2012-10-27
Obama Deserves A Second Term The Hartford Courant editorial board The Hartford Courant 2012-10-27
Obama for president (The Miami Herald) The Miami Herald editorial board The Miami Herald 2012-10-27
Reelect President Obama Star Tribune editorial board Star Tribune 2012-10-27
Romney's turnaround skills are right for America The Florida Times-Union editorial board The Florida Times-Union 2012-10-27
Tribune endorses Obama: Our children's America Chicago Tribune editorial board Chicago Tribune 2012-10-27
1 for president The Press-Enterprise editorial board The Press-Enterprise 2012-10-28
Despite shortcomings, Obama is the better choice The Buffalo News editorial board The Buffalo News 2012-10-28
Enquirer presidential endorsement: Mitt Romney The Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board The Cincinnati Enquirer 2012-10-28
Four more years for Obama Asbury Park Press editorial board Asbury Park Press 2012-10-28
Mitt Romney is the best choice for America The Oklahoman editorial board The Oklahoman 2012-10-28
Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision The Des Moines Register editorial board The Des Moines Register 2012-10-28
Obama, again The News & Observer editorial board The News & Observer 2012-10-28
Prudent Change: Romney promises hope for recovery Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board Richmond Times-Dispatch 2012-10-28
Re-elect Obama: The made-over Mitt Romney is no alternative Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2012-10-28
Re-elect President Obama San Jose Mercury News editorial board San Jose Mercury News 2012-10-28
Re-elect President Obama (Lexington Herald-Leader) Lexington Herald-Leader editorial board Lexington Herald-Leader 2012-10-28
Re-elect President Obama (Toledo Blade) Toledo Blade editorial board Toledo Blade 2012-10-28
Romney — an Independent choice for president David M. Walker The Washington Times 2012-10-28
The case for Mitt Romney for president Daily Herald editorial board Daily Herald 2012-10-28
Top reasons to re-elect Obama Detroit Free Press editorial board Detroit Free Press 2012-10-28
Why Obama should be re-elected The Providence Journal editorial board The Providence Journal 2012-10-28
Barack Obama deserves another term The Boston Globe editorial board The Boston Globe 2012-10-29
Obama has worked for all Americans Jesse Jackson Chicago Sun-Times 2012-10-30
In a disappointing race, Obama gets the edge The Fresno Bee editorial board The Fresno Bee 2012-10-31
Vote for Romney The Washington Times editorial board The Washington Times 2012-10-31
A Vote for a President to Lead on Climate Change Michael R. Bloomberg Bloomberg View 2012-11-01
Six Enormous Stakes In Presidential Election Investor's Business Daily editorial board Investor's Business Daily 2012-11-01
Which one? The Economist editorial board The Economist 2012-11-01
An uninspiring incumbent and a shape-shifting challenger leave us in the minority: undecided The Post-Standard editorial board The Post-Standard 2012-11-02
Elect Mitt Romney president of the United States Newsday editorial board Newsday 2012-11-02
Mitt Romney: A New Direction For America Mitt Romney The Wall Street Journal 2012-11-02
Obama for president (The Baltimore Sun) The Baltimore Sun editorial board The Baltimore Sun 2012-11-02
Bring in the turnaround expert: The case for Romney The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board The San Diego Union-Tribune 2012-11-03
Real Progress, But We're Not Done Barack Obama The Wall Street Journal 2012-11-03
Barack Obama for president of the United States The Courier-Journal editorial board The Courier-Journal 2012-11-04
Elect Mitt Romney president The Post and Courier editorial board The Post and Courier 2012-11-04
For Romney Tulsa World editorial board Tulsa World 2012-11-04
Mitt Romney Is Best To Fix U.S. Direction Albuquerque Journal editorial board Albuquerque Journal 2012-11-04
Obama for 2012 The Record editorial board The Record 2012-11-04
Obama for president, with reservations Democrat and Chronicle editorial board Democrat and Chronicle 2012-11-04
Our choice for America’s future: The Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for president New York Daily News editorial board New York Daily News 2012-11-04
Our pick: Mitt Romney Madison State Journal editorial board Madison State Journal 2012-11-04
Run the nation like Massachusetts The Times of Northwest Indiana editorial board The Times of Northwest Indiana 2012-11-04
A Romney court would set back the clock Tampa Bay Times editorial board Tampa Bay Times 2012-11-05
Re-elect and we'll see how much worse it can be Glenn Reynolds USA Today 2012-11-05