Human Rights Act 1998

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This is a topic, with start date November 9, 1998 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are United Kingdom domestic politics.

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Act should be repealed


All items that address this topic (14 total)[edit]

Title Author Source Date
Time to stop the madness The Sun editorial board The Sun 2006-05-12
A shabby attempt to undermine human rights laws The Observer editorial board The Observer 2006-05-14
Basic freedoms are being lost in the human rights circus Simon Jenkins The Times 2006-05-14
Adrift on a tide of panic The Guardian editorial board The Guardian 2006-05-15
If we really want to escape the grip of human rights law we quit the EU Melanie Phillips Daily Mail 2006-05-15
Rights Mess Makes Britain a Soft Touch Tony Parsons The Daily Mirror 2006-05-15
Stop blaming the Human Rights Act Marcel Berlins The Guardian 2006-05-15
Let's not allow the battle of a Biro and an octopus to ruin an inspiring Act David Aaronovitch The Times 2006-05-16
It is absurd to calculate human rights according to a cost-benefit analysis Ronald Dworkin The Guardian 2006-05-24
Enshrine these rights Francesca Klug The Guardian 2006-06-27
It is time to protect the public's human rights The Daily Telegraph editorial board The Daily Telegraph 2006-11-05
Good for crooks, bad for human rights Daniel Hannan The Daily Telegraph 2006-11-16
Natural justice needed - not 'human rights' The Daily Telegraph editorial board The Daily Telegraph 2007-08-22
Redemption, rehabilitation and basic human rights The Independent editorial board The Independent 2007-08-22