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This is a magazine.

Circulation: 78,000

Country of origin: United States

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this magazine:

Title Author Date Topic
The Triumph of Evil Bill O'Reilly 2011-03-26 2011 Libyan uprising
U.S.'s Lose-Lose War Objective in Libya: A Tie Arnold Ahlert 2011-03-26 2011 Libyan uprising
Airport "Security"? Thomas Sowell 2010-11-23 TSA airport screening procedures controversy
Napolitano: The Ball's In My Court Now Ann Coulter 2010-11-17 TSA airport screening procedures controversy
No Mosque at Ground Zero Newt Gingrich 2010-07-28 Park51 controversy
Waxman's Economy Killer Steven Milloy 2009-06-25 American Clean Energy and Security Act
Obama Policy as Bankrupt as Chrysler John Berlau 2009-05-06 Chrysler bankruptcy
Detroit Automakers a Relic of the Past Michael Barone 2008-11-15 Economic crisis of 2008
Profiles in No Courage Andrew C. McCarthy 2008-02-15 Protect America Act of 2007
A Green Card in Every Pot Ann Coulter 2007-05-30 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
Looking for Hate in All the Wrong Places Jacob Sullum 2007-05-09 Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007
Minimum Wage Bill Flawed Tom Coburn 2007-02-08 Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007
The Baker-Hamilton Report: A Prescription for Surrender Newt Gingrich 2006-12-11 Post-invasion Iraq
Two Cheers, One Boo for Baker-Hamilton Human Events editorial board 2006-12-08 Post-invasion Iraq
Arianna in a Huff Over John Bolton Thomas P. Kilgannon 2006-09-05 Confirmation of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, 2006
You Can Count on Angelides for Tax Hike Ray Haynes 2006-08-25 California gubernatorial election, 2006
A Defeat for the Democracies Newt Gingrich 2006-08-21 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
Profile in Sanity Bill O'Reilly 2006-08-19 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot