2011 United Nations recognition vote of Palestinian state

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "State of Palestine#Planned 2011 United Nations recognition vote"

This is a topic, with start date September 16, 2011 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are International relations, Middle East.

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United Nations should vote to recognize a Palestinian state


All items that address this topic (10 total)[edit]

Title Author Source Date
U.N. vote for Palestine hurts peace Steve Huntley Chicago Sun-Times 2011-09-05
The U.S. Must Support Israel At the U.N. Rick Perry The Wall Street Journal 2011-09-16
The Palestinian Statehood Gambit The Wall Street Journal editorial board The Wall Street Journal 2011-09-18
The coming U.N. debacle Yossi Klein Halevi Los Angeles Times 2011-09-20
The UN vote is a risky sideshow The Australian editorial board The Australian 2011-09-20
Avoid the vote and the veto The Oregonian editorial board The Oregonian 2011-09-21
Abbas' bid for statehood will hurt Palestinians USA Today editorial board USA Today 2011-09-22
Palestinians need an honest broker Rashid Khalidi USA Today 2011-09-22
Palestinians' U.N. gamble could backfire Saree Makdisi Los Angeles Times 2011-09-22
Land without peace: Why Abbas went to the U.N. Charles Krauthammer The Washington Post 2011-09-29