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This is a source.

Publication type: Newspaper

Circulation: 390,000

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this source:

Title Author Date Topic
Trump is right to withdraw US troops from Syria Trevor Timm 2018-12-21 Syrian civil war
Galvanising the globe The Guardian editorial board 2017-06-04 United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement
A triumph of diplomacy The Guardian editorial board 2015-07-14 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
Out of the carnage of Gaza a new spirit: we are all Palestinians Karma Nabulsi 2014-08-11 Operation Protective Edge
Gaza: this shameful injustice will only end if the cost of it rises Seumas Milne 2014-07-16 Operation Protective Edge
Thought money could buy an American election? You ain't seen nothin' yet Gary Younge 2014-04-06 McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission
Syria: the ugly choice ahead The Guardian editorial board 2013-05-10 Syrian civil war
Intervention after Libya The Guardian editorial board 2011-08-24 2011 Libyan uprising
Libya: The illusion of force The Guardian editorial board 2011-03-10 2011 Libyan uprising
'No-fly zone' is a euphemism for war. We'd be mad to try it Simon Jenkins 2011-03-09 2011 Libyan uprising
Gaza: From blockade to bloodshed The Guardian editorial board 2010-06-01 Gaza flotilla raid
Military action is dangerous fantasy. We could live with a nuclear Iran David Clark 2009-08-14 Iranian nuclear crisis
Amid the horror and doom of Gaza, the IRA precedent offers hope Jonathan Freedland 2009-01-14 Gaza War
Israel and the west will pay a price for Gaza's bloodbath Seumas Milne 2009-01-08 Gaza War
How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe Avi Shlaim 2009-01-07 Gaza War
Gaza after a Hamas rout will be an even greater threat to Israel Jonathan Freedland 2009-01-07 Gaza War
We must stop arming Israel Nick Clegg 2009-01-07 Gaza War
Gazans need to choose peace over extremism Shai Hermesh 2009-01-06 Gaza War
Israel has plenty of tactics for war, but none for peace Jonathan Freedland 2009-01-03 Gaza War
The illusion of victory Daniel Barenboim 2009-01-01 Gaza War
Israel's onslaught on Gaza is a crime that cannot succeed Seumas Milne 2008-12-30 Gaza War
We have no words left Ali Abunimah 2008-12-29 Gaza War
Britain leaves Iraq in shame. The US won't go so quietly Seumas Milne 2008-12-11 Post-invasion Iraq
Facing disaster in Iran, Europe must finally make the hard choices Timothy Garton Ash 2007-11-01 Iranian nuclear crisis
The fallout from an attack on Iran would be devastating Seumas Milne 2007-10-05 Iranian nuclear crisis
Olmert exposed The Guardian editorial board 2007-05-01 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
We must stop Bush bombing Iran, and stop Iran getting the bomb Timothy Garton Ash 2007-02-08 Iranian nuclear crisis
There is no military solution for Iraq, only a political one Jonathan Steele 2007-01-12 Post-invasion Iraq
Rhetoric of confrontation The Guardian editorial board 2006-12-22 Post-invasion Iraq
The Iraq war is already lost Tariq Ali 2006-12-20 Post-invasion Iraq
Uncertain justice The Guardian editorial board 2006-11-06 Trial of Saddam Hussein
Time for Bush to talk to Iran and Syria Simon Tisdall 2006-10-25 Post-invasion Iraq
Accept North Korea into the nuclear club or bomb it now Simon Jenkins 2006-10-11 North Korean nuclear crisis
Democracy is harder than western flip-flops make out Jonathan Steele 2006-09-22 2006 Thailand coup d'état
The inhumane folly of our interventionist machismo Simon Jenkins 2006-09-20 Darfur conflict
Sorry George Clooney, but the last thing Darfur needs is western troops Jonathan Steele 2006-09-19 Darfur conflict
Attacking Iran is not a long-term solution Newt Gingrich 2006-09-09 Iranian nuclear crisis
If Europe doesn't want Middle East war to begin again, it has to step up Jonathan Freedland 2006-08-23 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
Diplomacy has a limit Oliver Kamm 2006-08-18 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
The pundits' platitudes do nothing to solve this crisis Simon Jenkins 2006-08-09 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
The humanitarian urge is morphing into thirst for war Simon Jenkins 2006-07-25 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
Enshrine these rights Francesca Klug 2006-06-27 Human Rights Act 1998
It is absurd to calculate human rights according to a cost-benefit analysis Ronald Dworkin 2006-05-24 Human Rights Act 1998
Adrift on a tide of panic The Guardian editorial board 2006-05-15 Human Rights Act 1998
Stop blaming the Human Rights Act Marcel Berlins 2006-05-15 Human Rights Act 1998
If this is Ahmadinejad's bluff, it is bluff worth calling Simon Jenkins 2006-05-10 Iranian nuclear crisis
The problem is: Iran does pose a threat in every way Iraq did not Jonathan Freedland 2006-04-26 Iranian nuclear crisis
The price of occupation Tariq Ali 2005-07-08 Post-invasion Iraq