2006 Thailand coup d'état

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "2006 Thailand coup d'état"

This is a topic, with start date September 19, 2006 and end date September 19, 2006.

Its theme(s) are Asia.

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No stated opinion

The coup was justified


All items that address this topic (14 total)[edit]

Title Author Source Date
A Retrograde Coup in Thailand The New York Times editorial board The New York Times 2006-09-20
Thailand in turmoil The Times editorial board The Times 2006-09-20
'Yellow ribbon coup' was a very high price to pay Suthichai Yoon The Nation (Thailand) 2006-09-21
A coup for the better Greg Sheridan The Australian 2006-09-21
Democratic hopes must remain strong The Nation (Thailand) editorial board The Nation (Thailand) 2006-09-21
Thailand's king reverts to the bad old days The Daily Telegraph editorial board The Daily Telegraph 2006-09-21
Thailand's Leap Backward The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post 2006-09-21
Time up for Thaksin as tanks roll in Financial Times editorial board Financial Times 2006-09-21
Turmoil in Thailand The Washington Times editorial board The Washington Times 2006-09-21
Democracy is harder than western flip-flops make out Jonathan Steele The Guardian 2006-09-22
Thai coup / The military should hold elections quickly Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2006-09-22
Thai Democracy David Warren Ottawa Citizen 2006-09-24
Thailand's Litmus Test Roby Alampay The Wall Street Journal 2006-09-26
The Silk Revolution Ismail Wolff The New York Times 2006-09-26